Thursday, December 31, 2009


The following players have three things in common: Lefty O'Doul, Harvey Kuenn, Dutch Leonard, Dolph Camilli, Lou Burdette*, Claude Passeau, Vic Power, Bobby Shantz, Roy Sievers, Davey Johnson, Fernando Valenzuela, and Whit Wyatt.

1. All of the above had successful careers and were named at least once to the All-Star team.
2. All played for the Phillies
3. All were NOT on the Phillies during their All-Star seasons.
Most joined the Phillies at the end of their careers (when they became affordable?).

FYI. Three more HOF players who spent time with the Phillies: Kid Nichols, Hack Wilson and Eppa Rixey.

*Selva Lewis Burdette Jr. is officially known as Lew Burdette yet all of his baseball cards autographed baseballs read "Lou" Burdette.

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